Memery Edit

Kekistans primary economic output is weaponized memes. We must build the Memes of production (IP) to bring us to power.

Shit Posting (Rhetoric) Edit

It is obviously more important in the fight to employ our memes in warfare. Rhetoric is the key skill for any memetician for Kek.

A good formula for Kek Edit

Always select your target carefully. Make sure you care enough and know enough to defend your shitpost else undermine Kek.

  1. Make a point
  2. Think of a counterpoint.
  3. Find ironic narrative
  4. Moralize in a humourous manner
Example Edit
  1. SJWs are Facists
  2. They say they are not.
  3. yet they no platform and beat up passers by for their opinions and are organised by capital interests
  4. I say we implement helicopter deportations immediately

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