Codrin Satvri aka Vee is a Romanian doctor and a prominent supporter of Kekistan. He is also a semi-popular YouTuber and the sidekick of Sargon of Akkad.

Not much is actually known about him, but legend has it that he is in fact descended from a Romanian vampire known as Laurențiu the Lacerator.

Vampires were once an ally of Ancient Kekistan, but they were driven to extinction by the filthy Turks before these Kebabs were vanquished by Vlad the Impaler. Any that were left had to breed with humans in order to carry on the Vampire bloodlines.

Vee is also a key strategist and advisor for the meme war. He managed to ensure the defeat of George Soros’ vicious Social Justice Warriors at the Battle of Berkeley due to careful planning and dedication to the cause, coordinating troops from the sidelines back at Headquarters.

Vee would rather not be publicly known for his war efforts, and so is rarely mentioned when our great leader, Big Man Tyrone, addresses our nation with news of each great battle on state television. Instead, Vee concentrates his efforts onto the planning of the next assault against the terrifying SocJus hordes, which could strike our borders at any given moment.

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