The Tumblr Empire is an Internet nation created by the SJWs who fled to Tumblr to escape being triggered. While it appears to be neutral on Kekistan, it has been rumored that the Tumblr Empire has secretly been backing Cuckistan's invasion of the land.

Common residents of the Tumblr Empire include Otherkin, Intersectional Feminists and other Social Justice crusaders, and Weeaboos, though many have split off and formed the Anime Commonwealth. Basically, Tumblr is a place for edgy, emo teenagers who want to have their uniqueness validated by other edgy, emo teenagers.

The Tumblr Empire has a deep disgust for 4chan, /pol/and in particular, and seeks to purge it from the Internet for being Anti-PC. The Empire has attempted several campaigns against 4chan, but they have only resulted in a waste of everyone's time.

Despite its reputation for being a social justice hive, many non-social justice advocates can be found there. However, Kekistanis traveling to the Empire should be warned, as it is known to lynch anyone deemed "bigoted".

Notable Inhabitants of Tumblr Edit

  • Intersectional Feminists
  • Weeaboos
  • LGBTQIAADHNFWIIUFIHGIGGWAI+ (basically anyone who believes there's more than two genders)
  • Otherkin
  • Fat Acceptance Advocates
  • Fans of Steven Universe and Adventure Time
  • Furries

    Map of The Current Empire

The Ten Commandments of Tumblr Edit

As revealed by TJ "The Amazing Atheist" Kirk, there are 10 commandments to the Tumblr religion[1]:

  1. All of your failings are the result of society sending you the wrong messages.
  2. You deserve to feel good, regardless of what you’ve actually accomplished.
  3. You are so unique and quirky, just like the other 475,000 people who liked or reblogged that post.
  4. Any strife you suffer is just because you’re a woman or black person or transgender person or bipolar person or whatever. No problems exist in the lives of white heterosexual cis males.
  5. If anyone, on any occasion, did anything that made you feel even slightly uncomfortable, they are oppressing you, discriminating against you, and it is possible that you have been raped.
  6. Your personal feelings trump all statistical evidence, all peer-reviewed studies, all logical deductions, all nuanced political arguments, etc.
  7. Never engage in debate with those who disagree with you. Simply label them bigots and complain about their hate speech to anyone who will listen.
  8. Never apply the same standard to yourself that you do to others, as this may damage your self-esteem by making you question your own choices and beliefs.
  9. If you find yourself losing an argument, just change the definition of any words necessary until your argument holds water. Assert your new definition with confidence and scoff at anyone who confronts you with a dictionary definition.
  10. If a claim you make twice a day is proven wrong, start making it three times a day.

Gallery Edit

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