The Kekistani people have over 2000 years of documented history. Though much of it was destroyed by Cuckistan, expert archaeologists have managed to put together a timeline thanks to recent discoveries. As information at this time is very limited, certain dates are subject to change.

Pre-History Edit

c. 4200 BCE Edit

  • Kek creates Earth, man and the universe in his image.
  • First instance of the Cult of Kek Prophet "Pepe".

c. 2300 BCE Edit

  • First Kekistani civilization is recorded, the Kingdom of Kekistan.
  • Kekistanis worship the Egyptian Deity of Primordial Darkness “Kek".
  • Creation of the original Kekmendments.
  • 'The Awokening' incident - a plague of frogs is sent onto the Black Kangdom.
  • The prophet Pepe teaches the villagers to 'Ree' to save them.
  • Beginning of frog iconography.
  • Cuckistan is founded by followers of Moloch.
  • Sargon of Akkad visits Kekistan and is so impressed by their way of life that he chooses to spare them from his conquest.

c. 2200 BCE Edit

  • Kek-Cuck War occurs when the nation of Cuckistan attempts to invade the Kekdom. The Cuckistani forces are driven out by the Kekistanis with assistance from Sargon of Akkad.
  • The Kekistanis invent meme farming and Kekonomics.
  • The golden age of memes begins.
  • Kekistanis begin to document “meme magic” said to bring good luck to the people who practice it.
  • Golden era ended with the death of Sargon of Akkad (the real one).
  • Epic of Gilgamem is recorded.

c. 2100 BCE Edit

  • The Kek Knights are formed to protect ethnic Kekistanis from hostile Normies.
  • Surviving Kekistani migrate north along the Euphrates river to the lands surrounding the city of Saggaratum.

c. 1488 BCE Edit

c. 900 BCE Edit

  • A small Kekistani army conquers Furrania for Kekistan

c. 700 BCEEdit

  • The 2nd Kekistani golden age ends. The great pools of Kek were closed.

c. 666 BCEEdit

  • Recognizing that the downfall of the Kekdom is imminent, Moloch tasks his disciple, the demon Stolos, with preparing the Earth for his arrival and ensuring no Kekistanis stand in his way.

c. 200 BCEEdit

c. 2 BCEEdit

  • The last classical Kekistani state is destroyed, and the Kekistani people are left to wander the borderlands of the Roman and Parthian (later Sassanid) empires.

c. 420 AD Edit

  • Kekistani people heavily persecuted by Shapur I of the Sassanid Empire.
  • The second Kekistani Genocide - 9/11ths of the Kekistanis are killed.
  • The ethnic Kekistanis flee to Kekstantinople and Rome.
  • Many Kekistanis exiled and scattered across the Middle East and Africa

--very little documented history remains from this point due to the USSR’s 40th Army destroying all other records of Kekistani civilization--.

Modern History Edit

c. 1612 AD Edit

  • Earliest recorded meme outside of Kekistan that is the dancing baby in Qularu a old tribal city that was taken other by the kekistani rage of evil

1940 Edit

  • Cuckistan destroys most records of Kekistani civilization.
  • Adolf Hitler makes a deal with Kek to ascend to "Meme God" status in exchange for the sacrifice of six million Jews.

1974 Edit

  • Alex Jones is born.
  • Alex Jones fires his first gun before he learns to walk.

1979 Edit

  • McDonald's introduces the happy meal.
  • Carl Benjamin is born
  • Carl Benjamin eats his first McDonald's.

1986 Edit

1993 Edit

  • “The Frantic Autistic Screeching” incident - marking the end of Soviet Kekistan.

1996 Edit

  • Alex Jones begins his career as a humble water filter salesman and talking on public-access TV.
  • Alex Jones switches his format to short-wave radio.

1998 Edit

  • GCN News Network established.

2003 Edit

  • 4chan is launched.
  • Brain Force is invented, Alex Jones suffers the side effects of testing and is permanently woke.

2006 Edit

  • Boy’s Club by Matt Furie is published, featuring the first modern interpretation of Pepe.

2007 Edit

  • UK paper Daily Mail publishes “Gay Bomb” article.
  • The “Gay Bomb” revealed to be a chemical weapon designed to turn enemy soldiers gay.

2010 Edit

  • Pepe the frog trends as a reaction image on imageboards.
  • Sargon of Akkad” channel is created on YouTube by Carl Benjamin.

2011 Edit

  • Gay frogs discovered in South Africa of where atrazine was present in the water.
  • “The Great Gay Frog Orgy” incident.

2014 Edit

2015 Edit

2016 Edit

  • Anon from /pol/ shouts “Pepe” at a Clinton rally during a speech about the Alt-Right.
  • Pepe is declared a hate symbol by the Anti-Defamation League.
  • Alex Jones uncovers conspiracy to turn frogs gay.
  • Hillary Clinton seen fainting before getting in a car. /pol/ users suspect supernatural anomaly.
  • A post reading “Trump will win” gets the “77777777 GET”.
  • Kek splits the universe in two to save us, his chosen people, to live in the reality where Trump won the election. This universe is known as the Berenstain Universe while the one left behind is called the Berenstein Universe which was destroyed by Nuclear War as a result of Hillary Clinton's win.
  • Donald Trump becomes the 45th US president.
  • Shadilay by P.E.P.E. is posted on 4chan with the lyrics; the CD depicts a frog with a magic wand - confirming the existence of meme magic.

2017 Edit

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