The Young Turks, abbreviated as TYT and often referred to as The Young Turds, is the official state media of Yung Turdistan. They used to make videos on shit like this, but media outlet has since fallen under the influence of Normies and become a place for parroting regressive opinions.

The primary hosts of TYT are Cenk "Big Brown Buffalo" Uygur and Ana Kasparian. During the 2016 election, most of TYT backed Hitlery Clinton, though Jimmy Dore backed Jill Stein. Ana Kasparian has since tried to reeducate Jimmy into supporting the Clinton Campaign.

In 2016 TYT sponsored Ana Kasparian to do a college campus tour. The results were devastating for TYT, but good for the Republic of Kekistan.

TYT is currently on the verge of being assimilated into Kekistani Culture as a meme. The world is a turkey and "PEPE" gives you the carving knife!

Hosts Edit

Cenk UygurEdit


Cenk Uygur, real name Chunk Ogre, more commonly known as “the buffalo", is the owner of TYT. He is known for his blatant use of lies through omission, blame shifting, obscuring the truth and other such intellectually dishonest practices to push the agenda of SOCJUS. In the 2016 US Presidential Election Cenk Uyghur endorsed Hillary Clinton.

Is his spare time, Cenk Uygur dines on Armenians whilst denying their genocide.

Ana KasparianEdit


Ana Kasparian is a “news” anchor at TYT. She believes that she is the better than you. She also believes that you are garbage. She is also known for an exchange with the legendary Kekistani Sniper Alex Jones in which she called him a "fat fuck”.

Jimmy DoreEdit


Jimmy Dore is a leftist political commentator. He hosts a YouTube channel called The Jimmy Dore Show, as well as working for TYT. In the 2016 Democratic Primaries, he supported Bernie Sanders. However, after Bernie lost the election to Hillary Clinton due to the DNC's rigging, he endorsed Jill Stien. After the 2016 US Presidential Election he called the allegation that Russia rigged the 2016 US Presidential Election in favor of Donald Trump an allegation meant to distract people from the DNC’s rigging of the Democratic Primary. In 2016 he also spit on Alex Jones’s face. Many people have called on him to become the next Dave Rubin and leave TYT.

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