The Second Battle of Hamburg was the largest scale battle of the Great Meme War with huge armies on either side that clashed on the streets of Hamburg. The battle was caused by a meeting between Kekistani Representatives and various United Nations representatives to discuss the liberation of Kekistan and so the Antifa forces invaded the city in order to put an end to the talks.

Interestingly, this is the second time Antifa forces have invaded the city. The first occurred in 1945 back when real fascists controlled the city and when Antifa was called the British Ground Forces and was also not Antifa. It is likely that many Antifa became confused as to whom they were fighting as a result.

Background Edit

Chronology Edit

18th June Edit

A series of arson attacks occur in Hamburg, Berlin, Cologne, Dortmund, Leipzeig and Bad Bevensen (is that really a thing? Bad Bevensen?), Police investigators concluded that it was caused by left-wing radicals. (The MSM dumbed this down to "protesters.")

19th June Edit

Antifa terrorists claimed responsibility for the arson attacks the previous night.

2nd July Edit

The Antifa Navy, also known as Greenpeace, engaged German cargo ships carrying vital supplies of charcoal needed for white supremacists to do blackface. The cargo ship was forced to dock in Hamburg.

5th July Edit

The main ground forces of Antifa marched into the city of Hamburg. The invasion was known previously known to the German police, but they did not react.

"Fuck it, Soros sie Geld bei uns, um sie in" -Commissioner Andy Grote
This first wave came under the guise of peace and was overlooked for the most part. By nightfall, over 20,000 Antifa soldiers were in Hamburg without a fight.

Joining them was the Undead Legion of Post-Modern Artists who had joined on the SocJus side of the war not long earlier. It is estimated over 1000 Zombies were raised from the dead to join the Antifa forces.

6th July Edit

In the night, the "Peaceful Protesters" attacked the front line of the defending forces. 160 police were injured in the ambush and only 75 Antifa captured. This first day of fighting was a definite victory for Antifa.

7th July Edit

The fighting only escalated the next day as many cars and shops were looted, destroyed, and burnt. It was also on this day that the "Black Bloc" arrived, the Antifa special forces. The German police finally realized that letting violent communists do whatever they want was a bad idea, and so mobilized their army in response.

The G20 meeting officially started with Kekistani representative God Emperor Donald Trump in attendance.

8th July Edit

The G20 meeting concluded with the verdict on the freedom of Kekistan as yet (October 2017) announced. However, just in time, as Antifa Forces fully occupied the city of Hamburg, winning the battle in the name of Moloch.

9th July Edit

The last pockets of resistance are crushed, and fighting ends.

Aftermath Edit

(I'll go into more detail when I can fuck myself to do it)

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