The Republic of Fake News is to be executed for the following reason(s):
Clean dis shit up

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Summary Edit

The Republic of Fake News was founded in 2015, after God Emperor announced his run for United States President. It's purpose is to globally push propaganda to sway Normies to become anti Kekistanian, and join the Cucks.

Founding Cucks Edit

The Republic of Fake News was officially signed into an independent Nation on June 16th, 2015 by Jeff Zucker, Stephend Burke, and Leslie Moonves.

Declaration of Independence Edit

On that warm June day, the Founding Cucks signed a Declaration to announce their official Independence from Cuckistan. It reads as follows:

On today, June 16th, 2015, we officially declare our independence from the great nation of Cuckistan. We do this only to further our own gain, while still remaining peaceful with the Cuckistan people. We do this to destroy the Kekistanian people, and their way of life. We do this, to praise ourselves, and prove nobody is above us.

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