The Memer's Creed was formulated on the site NationStates in the region known as the Kekistani Rebublic by the leader of the nation of Jotenia. The leader, by the name of Rekeinserah, created this creed and it spread across the site as the Memer's Creed.

The creed's structure is based on the Nicaea-Constantinople Creed of Christianity. It is still undergoing development in order to have it better formulate the truths of the Cult of Kek, and is subject to change.

I believe in Kek,

the Frog God Almighty,

maker of the Chan and the lesser-sites,

of all things memed and unmemed

I believe in one Lord Pepe

the Only Messenger of Kek

forshadowed by Kek before this age.

Kek from Kek, Meme from Meme,

Chaos from Chaos,

Feeling, not worrying, and one with Kek.

Through him all things were revealed.

For us men and for our memes

he came down from heaven,

and by Shadilay was created by the virgin Matt Furie

and became a meme.

For our sake he was crucified under Normie oppression,

he suffered Nazi association and was buried by Matt Furie,

and rose again on the Chan

by the power of the Kekistanis.

He ascended into heaven

and is seated at the right hand of Kek

He will come again in glory

to judge the normies and the dank

and his memedom will have no end.

I believe in Shadilay the Song, the Word, the Being

who proceeds from Kek and Pepe

who with Kek and Pepe is memed and sung,

who has spoken through the 80’s Italian Disco.

I believe in one, holy, dank, and glorious Kekistan

I confess one sh!tposting for the red-pilling of all,

and I look forward to the restitution of Kekistan

and the destruction of normies to come. Shadilay!

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