History of Furrania Edit

In a small island now known as the island Cyprus, a small indigenous tribe of nomadic people called Furries pronounced: (fA-gihtz) lived and grew as a civilization for over 1,500 years. The people of Furrania migrated by boat from the south of Anatolia at approximately 600 BCE. They traveled in small groups and used small raft like boats. This journey took approximately three days including resting time. Once the once nomadic group settled on the island of what they called Furrania, they lived hunting and gathering for only about one to two generations until they discovered agriculture. This new discovery led the Furries to grow into a civilization.

Because they were the first settlement or any form of civilized life on the island, they were able to grow as a community without the establishment of any organized military. As the time passed in their civilization, without any enemies, The Furries were able to thrive and continue to make many important leaps in the forms of technological advancements. At around the time of 500 BCE, the Furries had established a perfected form of dialect. However, since none of them even had thumbs, accounts of this language have only been recorded in the forms of second hand knowledge. Also, because of this, The Furries had no form of written language. Other advancements in the civilization included the discovery of copper which the Furries smelted down to make tools like hoes, pitchforks, and metal dildos. The Furries valued education and law, but unlike almost any other civilization, the Furries believed that they themselves are to be minutely worshiped and praised, rather than a form of higher power/powers. Even though many other civilizations did come encounter with The Furries either in look of trade or land to conquer, they never could really engage with The Furries because of their constant want for treats or buttsex.

At about the time of 900 CE, the Furries had hundreds of years to develop as a civilization. But, at this time, The Furries were encountered by a group that they couldn't scare away for their want for buttsex. This group was the Kekistani. The Kekistani army lead by the great Lord General Kudba approached the south coast of Furrania. The Furries' constant want of buttsex did not fase Lord General Kudba or his army of shitposters. With their swords in hand, the army stood strong, and made the loudest and longest RHEEEE they could. And, just by this, every single Furry on the island had a brain aneurysm because of the shear power of the RHEEEE and died. Then the Kekistani people settled there, sacraficed the dead bodies to Kek, and were very dank.

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