The French Meme Conflict was a three year war, from 2014 to 2017, which was between France and the Republic of Kekistan with the goal of using Kekistani memers to sway the French election in favor of Marine Le Pen.

History Edit

The French Meme Conflict was a desperate attempt to sway the French election in favor of Marine Le Pen, who was running against the tyrant faggot Emmanuel Macron. The war was a long and hard one, as unlike in America with trump, Europe was very anti-kek and anti-rightist. The war Started in 2014, and going all the way to 2017, but in the end resulted in a bitter loss due to the fag lord Macron gaining support from the French people, as well as the majority of the French populace being able to defend attacks from the kekistani, halting the valiant efforts of Kekistani memers. Thousands of Kekistanis lost their lives during the war due to the lack of medical equipment and support from the homeland, as they were fighting the great meme war at the same time. Their loss made their deaths seem worthless, but they many hope that one day the Kekistan will wage a war against France, and defeat the tyrant Macron with help from Le Pen's forces. However, this next war would not take place soon.

This war is often compared to the American Vietnam war, where the United States lost and suffered greatly to the Viet Cong and NVA invaders.

Gallery Edit


(A Kekistani veteran mourning the lost war.)

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