Tarl Warwick, also known by his online Russian hacker alias Styxhexenhammer666, is an apostle of Pepe and the Grand Memetic Warlock of Kekistan. He can be usually found on YouTube preaching the message of Kek. Initially he supported one of the Deceivers before being given a vision by Pepe, revealing to him the destiny of The Chosen One. He then joined the war, using his occult knowledge to perform dank memetic magic in opposition to the false prophets.

After the defeat of Crooked Hillary he gathered a large following of disciples, leading thousands if not millions towards the promised land. However, due to his purist teachings of Kekism, some deem him a heretic for his occasionally critical analysis of the God-Emperor.

Some /pol/acks from the /pol/ region of Kekistan view his lack of paranoid anti-Semitic conspiracy theorizing a sign of blue pilled cuckoldry despite his criticism of the Jew State. He is a Cougar magnet and his channel also attracts various trolls/Communist faggots, much to the amusement of all. His channel is also blocked in several nations, notably Germany.

His grimoire teaches Kekistanis how to effectively wage the memetic war, but woe unto Kek's people should this information fall into the wrong hands.

Lord Styx also has a Patreon page, where his loyal Kekistani brethren can choose to donate to his ever-growing 10.2 erection.


About to perform a dank meme ritual.


Lord Styx channeling the Prophet of Kek

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