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The Soviet Union was a former communist country. It was an enemy of Kekistan, and the creator of Soviet Kekistan. It was also an ally of Cuckistan.

History Edit

Formed during WWI in the year 1917 by Vladimir Lenin, the Soviet Union grew to be a great oppressor of Kekistanis and their Meme Magic. After Lenin died in 1924, he was replaced by Josef Stalin. Stalin, despite growing up in northern Kekistan, had grown to hate Kekistanis, and used his new position of power to persecute them. He launched a massive starvation program against the Kekistani minority in the USSR, causing the death of eighty-seven percent of them. This was known as the Kekedomor. When WWII started, Stalin agreed with Adolf Hitler that if fascist and communist memes ever started a meme-war, the effect would be devastating to both sides. But Hitler, in his quest to become the ultimate meme lord, soon broke the treaty, and invaded the USSR. Stalin, overwhelmed by the dankness of Germany's memes, retreated into his room for ten days, much like a normie. However, the war soon turned, with major battles being fought in western Kekistan. The Soviets turned the Nazis back at the Battle of Pepegrad. Stalin pushed Hitler back to Berlin, rounding up every single Kekfugee he could find along the way. They were sent to Gualgs, and the Soviets tried to get them to renounce Kek and his prophet, to no avail.

In the 1980's, long after Stalin was dead, the Soviet Union signed an agreement with Cuckistan to annex Kekistan, which led to the creation of Soviet KekistanThis conflict was a rounding failure for the USSR, and from the war came our anthem, "Shadilay." Also, Jeremy "Hugo Chavez's boyfriend" Corbyn was briefly prime minister of Soviet Kekistan.

In 1991, the USSR collapsed while under the control of Mikhail "Gorbi" Gorbachev. The collapse was largely due to Kekistani Resistance Movement, who, tired of being oppressed, had been saving up all their dankest memes for years, until they had enough to fight back. This idea was proposed by the prophet Pepe to his Kekistani children in the Soviet Union.


Rare Stalin Pepe.

Stalin ticket

Kekistanis ordered to report to the Gulags would receive this ticket.


Soviet Pepe.

Pepe memes

As the Kekistani minority was the USSR's prime producer of memes, the government did launch a program in the early 1970's in an attempt to appeal to the children of Kek. This project, however, was soon abandoned.

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