The Shitposting Shadow Corps (SPSC for short) is an organization specializing in covert operations and actions that agitate and mislead the normie masses and throw wrenches into the machinations of SJWs and their ilk.

The SPSC is highly volatile in its ranks, but has a number of leaders to ensure that there is some direction and minor oversight. Among their ranks is [REDACTED] to name only a few, alongside many other longstanding members. Among the SPSC, effectiveness of your front/operation as well as seniority and merit determine one's rank among one's fellow shitposters, which can only be ranked among themselves due their strict anonymity protocols. Anyone may join the corps (including non-Kekistanis who sympathize with our cause [so long as they aren't much like a normie) and may leave just as quickly should they feel their anonymity may be compromised. Though anyone (many, in fact) may claim to be a part of the SPSC, those actually within the organization have a code of targeting and certain 'calling cards' which show one to truly be a part of it's ranks.


Dramatic agent-0

An SPSC agent during a meme retrieval mission.

During the Great Kexodus, a group of Kekistanis wished to help the war efforts, but could not risk the harm to their families that resisting the normies' forces would bring. As a way of getting around this, the SPSC was born; a group of volunteer and para-military, highly disguised shitposters adept at creating various smoke screens (political, informational or physical if needed,) obfuscating the intentions and power of the Kekistani armed forces, and producing awe amongst those who hear of their exploits through tactical use of 'red herring' memes (which would otherwise be destroyed due to lack of quality) and the seeding of mind control information. The Trump Golden showers memo was in fact a clandestine and stunningly effective meme operation against the cuck media. CNN appears to be destroying themselves because of this. This is the 10000 to 1 leverage Pepe’s meme magic gives. Often, in times of peace, the Corps. act as a mercenary service to sharpen their skills at the discretion of whomever is desperate enough to pay for their services, though they will make it rather clear that they are not your personal army, and require a sound Kek positive reason to engage.

The SPSC led a number of counter-intelligence operations, including making the normie hoards under-estimate the initial Kekistani resistance forces, leading to early successes in the battles leading up to the Kexodus. One of their greatest operations, however, was insuring the safety of those fleeing their homelands by leading the hordes on a chase for well disguised goats heading west of the refugee's intended path, buying those who fled a good deal of time to escape, and preventing accurate pursuit of said refugees.

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