Sergeant Eric Pepeson, also known as the "Kekistani Sniper", is a Kekistani who was brought into the ranks of the 88th Meme Brigade. He went through the normal training until he came to the shooting range, Pepeson had missed a handful of targets which he was made a mockery of however not all targets he missed, as the Sergeant who was hosting the training set up a small tin can at the furthest target quoting "He will never take that shot." Pepeson knew all too well he wouldn't make it, he loaded his rifle and took aim at the can, seconds later the can was knocked over. Eric then placed the rifle back in the gap in the weapons stand.  

Eric got his first job out in the battle in the British Front as of his homeland, he made sure that the memes were dropped carefully and giving time for the rest of his squad to push front. Months and months of fighting went on and finally, on June 23rd, 2016, the British Front was a Victory against the European Union Cuck Force.

The legendary Hero didn't last long, Eric was taken by the Cuck force and held hostage he had received 2 knife wounds to his left leg and 3 to his right arm. He then grabbed his pistol and open fired on the Cucks and ran as fast as he could before being shot in the foot by a cuck sniper who was killed later on.

Pepeson was awarded the Medal of Honour, for his bravery of leading his squad team back out to HQ after a successful fight. He is now retired and runs the Kekoffe Haus in his hometown.

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