The Second Kingdom of Kekistan, also known as the New Kingdom of Kekistan was founded in 1488 BK by Prophet Pepe and his Kekistani tribe. The Kekistani migrated eastwards from their homeland of Ancient Egypt to the Caspian Sea, to the prophesied holy land. They referred to this holy land as the "Meme Pool," known in today's dialects as the Caspian Sea. It was preceded by the First Kingdom of Kekistan founded in Ancient Egypt.

History Edit

The fertile banks of the Caspian proved to be a good home for the meme farming Kekistanis. They built many great cities like Kekstantinople or Kekifornia. The main centers of population were in modern day azerbajan and an area between the Caspian and Oral seas. in 777 BC a large bird flu epidemic and internal civil unrest destroyed many Kekistani city states along the Caspian, and thus only east and west Kekistan remained. However, they continued. West Kekistan had its issues with the Persian and later Macedonian empire.p, and was occupied by them many times. West Kekistan struggled with nomadic Scythians but also they were a valuable trade partner. The Kekistani golden age, an age starting from 2,000 where Kekistani kekenomics and influence expanded across the ancient world, ended in 200 BC, and Kekistan's last civilization fell in 2 BC.

 Sources Edit

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