Social Justice Warriors, abbreviated as SJWs, are Cuckistani individuals promoting socially extreme left-leaning regressive views and identity politics lacking firmly based morality. The only binding moral code between them seems to be tolerance for trendy views and the views of Capital funders of SJW movements.

Social Justice Warriors are the ancient enemy of Kekistan, them being the architects of the joint invasion of Kekistani lands with the Normies and also being the sole reason for the Kekistani Genocide which killed off 99.9% of all Kekistani people living in the Kekistani homeland.

SJWs have immense power in the world a seek to control the world's governments and create a global world order so they can push their ideas of "equality", AKA Communism, on the people of Earth.

Feminists believe in chivalry and say they believe in equality even though they say on national television that they want men to pay for the bill at resturants, believe that they should get priced less on goods and so on. Thankfully, there is a brave non-Kekistani soldier fighting against them whose name is Lauren Southern. She is brave and talks to them face to face, repeatedly humiliating them to the point of tears.

SJWs are also infamous for using name calling tactics in order to shame people out of sharing their views or in order to ruin their livelihood. Some of their most famous insults include calling people "a fucking white male", "literally Hitler", and many more. Many SJWs use media to promote their ideology and write articles like this.

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