Revolutionary Kekalonia is the part of Kekalonia (a region in northeast Kekistan) that is currently controlled by the anarchist and socialist trade unions, parties, and militias. Although the Kekalonian Regional Government is nominally in power, the trade unions are de facto in command of most of the economy and military forces.

Socialist rule of the region began with the Kekalonian Revolution of 2014, resulting in workers' control of businesses and factories, collective farming in the countryside, and attacks against Kekistani Nationalists  and the Esoteric Kekist clergy.

Governmental Structure Edit

The Kekalonian legislature is the Congress of Syndicates, which is made up of elected representatives from the numerous syndicates in the region. The syndicates are made up of delegates elected by the democratic councils in both workplaces and communities throughout the region. The region was founded by /leftypol/ which included first chairman of Kekalonia, Slavoj Žižek, however in April of 2017 he has since resigned.

The Chairman of the Congress of Syndicates is now currently Comrade Bat'ko.

Civil War

A Map Detailing The Hight of The Civil War Green: Kekistan Red: Kekalonia

Population Edit

Kekalonia has a growing population of 1,000,000 as of April 2017. Kekalonia has no official capital, but it's largest metropolitan area is Zizkekgrad. It was founded by /leftypol/ during the Kekistani Civil War. Whilst the population is large, the majority are poor. The birth rate is also currently low (as mating for male Revolutionary Kekalonians has been challenging, as the ratio is uneven). Combined with the poor health and nutrition causes extremely slow population growth for the region.

The people of Kekalonia are called Kekalonians and they worship a variety of gods, although most of them are atheists or Esoteric Kekists. Various Kekalonian tribes inhabited the northeastern region of Greater Kekland since the iron age, although Kekalonia wasn't self-governing until the end of the the Kekish Civil War of 2014, when it split from the Republic of Kekistan.

Kekalonia is known for it's unique system of governance and economy, run by dirty commies, which is both praised and criticized by scholars around the world. Comrade Graeber, a leading Kekalonian economist, has said: "the removal of the Republic of Kekistan's many favours to big business has enabled workers to pave their own routes of egress from the corporate economy." Kekalonia has poor relations with its neighbor, the Republic of Kekistan, due to its parting from the nation during the Kekish War. Kekalonian foreign policy is internationalist and involves funding and supporting communist revolutionary groups around the globe.

Many Kekalonians and members of the Revolutionary Kekalonian Government believe that identity politics and Social Justice is a CIA conspiracy aimed at making the left look bad in the eyes of the public. Some have called this conspiracy the Alex Jones and Info Wars the left.[1] [2]

Skirmishes Edit

In July 2017, an attempted assassination plot was attempted against Chairman Bat'ko by Kekistani nationalists (in reality false flagging campaign by's /pol/) resulting in a non-fatal injury (his channel being taken down) and some memory loss (new channel not having all previous videos). This resulted in a massive counter attack orchestrated by /leftypol/ while Bat'ko was still recovering. As of the final week of July 2017 erupted. An attempted invasion was tried by the 4chan /pol/ division which ended in absolute failure as they ran directly into the Kekspian Sea thinking that was Kekalonia (in reality, they went to THE WRONG FUCKING SIDE). A second attempt was also made which also ended in failure. A third attack did occur but this time it ended with Kekalonia repelling the attack.==References==

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