The Resurrection of Pepe was an even that occurred after our great leader Pepe was killed on May 6th, 2017, Free Comic Books Day. The assassination was designed to weaken the meme magic of the Republic of Kekistan. The event was masterminded by Pepe's creator, Matt Furie who had become a normie after being shown SJW propaganda. Matt Furie denounced Kekistani citizenship and immigrated to Cuckistan. His reasons are unknown however many suspect Paranoia and mental insanity. He allegedly deleted Pepe due to links to the Alt-Right. This event however badly hurt the Kekistanis from all over the world, seeing the Kekistani movement as hopeless.

However, Kek looked down upon the event and instantly revived Pepe, strengthening the resolve of the Kekistani people. The Kekistanis became relived and stuck with their revived leader once more. While they were unable to prevent Marine Le Pen from losing to Emmanuel Macron, no one gives a shit about France.


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