This is the official Wiki for the sovereign Internet nation-state, the People's Republic of Kekistan, founded for the glory of Kek and High Prophet Pepe. The Kekistanis are a proud people with over 2000 years of recorded history. Unfortunately, much of that history has been destroyed by Normie Cucks who wish to stifle Kek's message. Despite this, Republic of Kekistani Wiki has managed to preserve a great deal of information on both the past and present of Kekistan.

We exist to document the history of Kek's chosen people, so that both Normies and ethnic Kekistanis may know their history and struggle.

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Featured Article
Kek church

The Cult of Kek, also sometimes referred to as Kekism, is the official religion of the Republic of Kekistan. The Cult of Kek follows the one true god Kek and his prophet Pepe. Their holy cry is "Kek Vult!"

...Read more about the Cult of Kek

Forces of Kek

Forces of Anti-Kek


Kekistan Wiki Staff

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