The People's Republic of Kekistan or Kekistan is a sovereign nation populated by shitposters. It was founded in late January of 2017 by Sargon of Akkad and friends, including @RepublicOfKek and @AdminPepe.

The people of Kekistan are called Kekistanis and they worship the Internet meme and symbol, Pepe, as the prophet of the god of meme magic, Kek.

They are currently at war with the imperialist nations of Cuckistan and Normistan, who have forced many of them out of their land. Some Kekistanis now seek refuge in other countries so they may spread their memes everywhere.

The official Twitter is at @RepublicOfKek and the official website is at

The national anthem of Kekistan is Shadilay by P.E.P.E.


  1. Kek - Deity
  2. Pepe - High Prophet
  3. Donald J. Trump - God-Emperor
  4. Sargon of Akkad - Prime Minister
  5. Big Man Tyrone - Commander-In-Chief / President
  6. Jordan B. Peterson - Minister of Education
  7. Chris Ray Gun - Chief of Foreign Affairs
  8. Jeff Holiday - Minister of Science
  9. @AdminPepe - Co-Founder
  10. @KekistanPope - Pope
  11. @Azrael1942 - Propaganda Minister
  12. @Reddish010 - Wiki Overlord
  13. @BaronAvAnga - Ambassador of Kekistan
  14. @immortalkraut - Supreme Commander of the Kekistan Armed Forces
  15. @par2001987 - Minister of Keklings
  16. @WeAre_TheMeta - Governor of Meme Islands
  17. @GeneralOfGG - General of Kekistan Armed Forces
  18. @RealGholosh - Attorney General / Representative of the 12th District of the People's Republic of Kekistan
  19. .@charles_is_awesome123 Chief of The Kekistan Air Force (KAF)


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