Reddit, often called Leddit is a land near Kekistan made of both ethnic Kekistanis, ethnic normies, SJWs, Alt-Rightists, and other meme races. It has been a unstable land ever since it's founding, but most users have been friendly to Kekistan and the meme community. 6% of the kekistani economy is off meme trades with Reddit.

History Edit

In the beginning, Kekistani areas of Reddit was mostly neutral to other Kekistanis, but over time the crack got bigger between the two cultures due to Normie and Cuckistani influence. Reddit was at first part of kekistan, but they were bigger, diverse, and different in memes, leading them to succeed. Many kekistanis opposed this, but Pepe sought for peace, and so the kekistanis did not fight. Ever since, Reddit has allied with kekistan in both great meme wars, the second war being for CNN attack on reddit user Hanassholesolo but with harsh Normies and SJWs protests.

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