Pepe the Frog is a dank Internet meme and the ruler of Kekistan, as well as the vessel through which Kek spreads his teachings.

Kek created Pepe after the first revolt.

Kek sent Pepe down as his prophet.

Pepe is the avatar of Kek, a piece of the trinity that includes himself, Kek, and God-Emperor Trump

Pepe is directly responsible for converting Normies to Kekism. As a result, he taught man the six commandments and more lessons in chapter 3 of The Book of Kek after WW2 ended and continues to deliver messages.

Despite his divine teachings of truth, the governments of Cuckistan and Normistan have declared Pepe a threat. Even the common people of these nations have protested against these teachings by spreading fabrications about Pepe. In 2016, the Clinton Campaign and the Anti-Defamation League slandered Pepe as a hate symbol of the Alt Right.

Gallery Edit

Copy of Kek war (1)

Pepe defending his hometown from the normie Ustase.


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