Normistan is a country that stands to the west of the Republic of Kekistan. Initially neutral, following the rise of the Clinton Regime to power, the country allied with Cuckistan to wipe out the Ethnic Kekistanis so that Normies can dominate the world and the Internet. They caused 150,000,000 deaths in the Kekistani genocide and hid the bodies in an ocean.

Normistan is home to the sub-human species named Normies, the country's namesake. Normies, whilst extremely different to the residents of Kekistan, seem to be related, though the topic has created controversy on both sides. Normies pose a threat to the Kekistanis, as the Meme War has caused relationships between the two countries to sour. However, it must be noted that Normies, and the country of Normistan itself, is far more powerful than Kekistan in terms of manpower, though relative peace between the two groups had been expressed up until recent times. The Normistan passport is not accepted in Kekistan, and the Normistan Travel Bureau has issued a travel warning to Kekistan.

In summer of 2017, Jake Paul and RiceGum were able to usurp control of Normistan thanks to the popularity of Jake's religion, Dabism. This was supported by RiceGum's special ability: "Flexing on the haters".

The nation has currently formed an alliance with the New State of Kekistan to destroy Net Neutrality so corporations such as Verizon and AT&T can claim the Internet.

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A Kek-approved infomation sheet on Normiestan

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