A group of Normies being assaulted by memes

Normies are the masses who refuse to be enlightened with meme magic. They desperately need to be taught the ways of Kek, or their arrogance and aggression will lead to their executions.

Copy of Kek war

Normies being fired upon. It was later revealed that they were civilians, however the kek population has not felt sympathy for them.

Normies will eventually be slaughtered after Kekistan is reclaimed. Normies are Turks who migrated into Israel in the Egyptian Era and then continued into Egypt, slaughtering Kekistanis, causing them to migrate north to Azerbijian where they neighbor they do not get along. "Pepe will lead the great crusades against the Normie Oppressors and SJWs, Death or conversion! No normie spared of Kek’s Wrath" - 6:7 Prophecy of Kekistan, The Book of Kek.

Do not stand for them. Keep them out!

Shadilay! Reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Kek war

A kek soldier trying to run from a normie death squad unit.

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