Normiebola is an ancient bio-weapon manufactured by the Cuckistan empire. The disease was used to topple the Second Kingdom of Kekistan, allowing the Normies to invade and subjugate the Kekistani people.

The disease was also later used in the early stages of the 100 Year Meme War (1915-2015) and caused tragic effects to the Kekistan and its population. Like the black death, the disease killed as much as 20% of the Kekistani population, including 8 in 10 Shitpost Monks (whose population went from 2,000 to 400). The disease began to die down in the 1920s, and kept many soldiers and regular civilians hospitalized for several months, if not years.

Whilst the disease hasn't been eradicated, it has severely died down since the 1930s, though small outbreaks have happened (1950, 1969, 1981) they haven't killed as nearly as much than when the disease was in its prime. A small amount is kept at the Kekistani Science Institute and is being studied. The origins and first outbreak of this disease is not known.

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