Moloch is the god of Anti-Kek, standing in opposition to Kek and dank memes in general. The dark deity is the force behind Normiestan and Cuckistan, using the two nations to wipe out Kek's chosen people so the Normies can claim the Internet and spread their cringe memes.

Standing behind Moloch, sits Kinchwa, an ascended spirit that in mortal life, worshiped Moloch and spent his time supporting Anti-Kek funds and worshiping his savior Moloch. Because Moloch was so proud of his now new "son". Now, Budkinchwa has ascended to the realm of Moloch to spend eternity with him. Even though it may seem like Kinchwa is over towering Moloch, he is actually just a big weeb who has zero powers at all and is lowkey transparent. You can just walk through him. Its funny.

In the alternate timeline known as the Berenstein Universe, he is the ruler of the Kingdom of Moloch which covers Russia and Europe.

Moloch 2

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