Matt Furie is a Normie children's book and creator of Pepe who well is not like Pepe at all and is a ignorant Normie who wants to destroy Pepe author and the false creator of Pepe. In 2006, Furie used our prophet as one of the main characters in his webcomic Boy's Club. This soon led to the spread of Pepe on Internet, generating meme magic for the high prophet to use to help the Kekistanis.

However, after discovering Pepe's allegiance to the Republic of Kekistan, Furie allied with Cuckistan to stop him. He attempted to assassinate Pepe on Free Comic Book Day, but this was foiled when Pepe, not yet done with his mission, was revived by Kek.

Matt has since attempted to "reclaim" by trying to turn him into a symbol of peace and love.


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