Lelberia is a hidden territory in Kekistan. It is a very small province that is mainly controlled by the Army and Meme Stock Investors. Lelberian's have taken down Normie discord servers, twitter accounts and more. Lelberia has been working closely with Kekistan in secrecy for centuries, but because of the recent meme drought and the attack on BuzzFeed and CNN, Lelberia has decided to fight against the normies publicly.

Government Structure Edit

Lelberia's government is controlled by the military and is lead by Dat Boi and his very, very close friend, The Prophet Pepe. Lelberia's military council is made up of specially selected right/left wing socialists and Meme Stock Investors. We have both left and right wing council members, so that when the military is deciding whether or not a bill should be enforced, they can get opinions from 2 different perspectives. And we have Meme Stock Investors on our treasury council, because they are the ones who help our economy by giving us updates on the types of memes we need to have out on the market, in order to make a large profit.

Population Edit

The city in Lelberia that is most dense in population is Lelrovia. The amount of people living in Lelrovia is around 100,000 while the amount of people living in Lelberia is around 320,000

Enemies and Wars Edit

Starting in 2016 Normie forces such as CNN and BuzzFeed, tried to paint Pepe as a hate-symbol. So in retaliation the entire Kekistan army attacked BuzzFeed and CNN forums.We even heckled former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton during one of her speeches.


Normistan Flag

We are not on good terms with Normistan because they are Anti-Kek,they bombed our meme trade center, their leader is Hillary Clinton and they tried to steal a bunch of our memes when BuzzFeed raided our forums.

Tumblr Empire

White Tumblr Flag-0

We are not allies with the Tumblr Empire because they are Anti-kek, they fight for social justice, they hate 4chan, and they helped BuzzFeed during their meme raid.

The Battle of Vine

Vine banner image

In 2015 Vine stopped making money, because a Viner that went by the name of "SinkBlinks" started to post very obscure memes on his account. Lelberian leaders found this fishy because this account usually posted Normie bullshit. One Lelberian council member named Calmon, decided to check the meme vault, and when he did he noticed that 1,000 rare memes were missing.

Calmon immediately reported this to the Lelberian Military Council and accordingly the council conducted a thorough search. The search revealed that the same exact memes that were stolen from the meme vault, started to show up as posts on SinkBlinks account. When the Lelberian government realized what was happening, they decided to set up a sting operation by posing as a normie and talking to SinkBlinks in his twitter DM's. During the conversation SinkBlinks revealed that he was stealing a bunch of funny memes from "PrePekos."

But what he didn't know is that he missed PrePekos and ended up stealing from Lelberia. After the conversation with SinkBlinks was over, we planned our attack against him. It took only 48 hours for us to orchestrate our attack, and when we did, his account was deleted for spam in less than 15 minutes. But of course we couldn't stop there...

So we did some more digging around and found out that Vine was broke. Next, we messaged Vine's partners and explained to them how keeping Vine under their wing is causing a decline in their profits. We didn't think big companies like Twitter would take anything we said into consideration but apparently they did, because soon after our 1 way discussion, Twitter announced they were dropping Vine because they weren’t making any money off of the site. This was a huge victory for Lelberia because we had never taken down a huge company like Vine without (Major) help from the rest of Kekistan.

Leaders and Allies Edit


Screensh99988864dot 2017-07-19 at 2

Dat Boi

Screenshot 2017-08-17 at 8


Screenshot 2017-07-20 at 5889


Hqdefault (2)



Tyrone (Big Man Tyrone)

Big Man Tyrone

Jordan Peterson

IMG 9823-1024x683

Sgt. Alex Jones

Alex Jones

Info was obtained from a (now deleted) Kekistani archive blog

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