The Kingdom of Molochian is a global nation that exists in the Berenstein Universe. It is led by the Anti-Kek god Moloch with the goal of eradicating Kek across the Universe.

History Edit

Following Hillary Clinton's election to US President in the Berenstein Universe, the Normie-Cuck Alliance were able to acquire global influence, allowing George Soros to summon Moloch down to Earth. Moloch then established his New World Order and folded Cuckistan and Normistan into it. Moloch's regime soon encapsulated the entire world and purged any remaining keks from it, turning it into a wasteland full of cringe Normie memes.

However, not yet satisfied due to Kek still existing in the Berenstain Universe, Moloch opened up a portal to the alternate world and sent his army of interdimensional demonic pedophiles to invade it. However, the Prophet Pepe had forseen that an event like this would happen and thus was able to prepare the Kekistan Armed Forces to defend against the invasion, sparking the Interdimensional Kek Wars.

The war ended when Kek himself appeared and sealed the Molochian forces back into the Berenstein Universe. Moloch and his follower Stolos were able to escape Kek's powers however, and stayed in the Berenstain Universe to continue backing the Anti-Kek forces residing there.

Meanwhile, in the Berenstein Universe, the Kingdom of Molohc had collapsed into civil war. The nation of Cuckistan had attempted to enact a purge against Normies for not being cucked to extent that they were, fracturing the Normie-Cuck Alliance.

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