Kekllenik States of Kekistan

The Kekllenik States Of Kekistan (or KSOK) is a region of kekistan that sits on the other side of Cuckistan and Normiestan. 

This Province is semi-self governing as it has its own culture that revolves around the Hellenic Culture. It is located on what was formerly Turkey, Cyprus, Greece any Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia. Kekllenik Kekistanis can be found in mainland Kekistan but mostly in cities such as Kepento and PrePekos.


The official Religion of KSOK is Kekthordoxism. It is the belief that KEK took human form and came down to earth and was born from a virgin Frog. While KEK was on earth he spread the message of Logic and Intelligence and prophecied the rise of the Anti-kek which takes form of SJW's, Feminists and Cucks. KEK warned us about a "Bitch" Named Hillary Clinton. Kekthordoxism is a new religion and hasn't spread outside the KSOK borders.


Music is heavily influenced by Hellenic Culture, Instruments such as the Doumbek and Bouzouki apear in Kekllenik Music. Folk songs such as "pepepe kek kek" are widely played and although it is written in english a Keklleniki version is widely played through the region. The region's dance is known as the 'Kekilada' and is danced by holding hands and the dance progresses around in a circle.


Keklleniki is an adaptation of the widely known "Pig Latin" But the variation is that the last letters are 'ou' as oppose to 'ay'. Dialects change when in the region of "kekprus" (Cyprus) as their languege puts a 'ok' on the end of the word and the "Kurkish" (Turkish) Dialect uses "och" on the end of their words. But words such as KEK is untouched by the language and will always remain as KEK


The Flag of KSOK is the origional Kekistani Flag but incorporates both the Golden Dawn Symbol and the Cypriot flag Showing the unity of the region.


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