Member of the Kekistani Republican Army, making his final stand in the Rosh Hashana Rising, in northern Amerisrael.

Early Heroes -

After the fall of the Kingdom of Kek, the many legions of Kekistan people fell in service to the people of Kekistan. Many did not survive, and were slaughtered, attempting to protect Kekfugees as they fled from their homes.


A lone survivor of the Kekistani Legions, after the massacre of his comrades. It is unknown what happened to him, but it can be assumed he made his stand near where this painting depicts him.

Throughout the next thousand years, there were small Kekistani uprisings, most notably by the Kekistani Republican Army, in Amerisrael, during the Rosh Hashana Rising, as well as smaller fringe movements during the Great War(1914-1918), against the Ottoman Empire. Following the deaths of many Armenians, (a fact disputed by the Cuckistani people), the Kekistani people saw their only chance at existance was to fight the growing menace of Normies. This came to a bloody engagement with the Normistani Paramilitary Force, also known as the 'Tan and Blacks', with countless innocent Kekistani women and children being raped, slaughtered, and forced into slavery. In retaliation to this, the KRA began ambushing NPF patrols, bombing headquarters, and assassinating public figures. This went on until the Normistani forces pulled out of Kekistan, but ultimately the void was filled by Cuckistani forces, who were far more brutal and efficient, and decapitated the KRA's operations. 

Modern Heroes -

Kekistani forces finally liberating Kekstantinople, late 2016.

Following the military support given to the Kekistani people in 2015, into 2016, they managed to take back portions of their lands once thought impossible. Amongst these acheivements was liberating Kekstantinople, once the capital of Kekistan. This conflict raged for months, with brutal fighting street to street, but the sheer willpower of the Kekistani Army, and Kekistani Marines managed to retake the city. Normistani and Cuckistani forces retreated deep into their homelands, brooding over the losses of both their demon overlord $hillary Cliton, and their losses of Kekistan and Kekelonia. Several soldiers were given high commendations, and thus the Kekistani Armed Forces’s second highest honor, the Pepe Cross, and the highest honor, the Order of Pepe Medal

The following are current recipients of the Order of Pepe Medal

-POTKR Donald 'Daddy' Trump

-GEN 'Alex Jones', Signal Corps, For his bravery in taking on the Globalists and ridding water of fluoride

The following are current recipients of the Pepe Cross 

-CPT Sargon of Akkad, 666th Airborne

-GYSGT Milo Yiannopoulos, 69th Amphibious Assault

-SSGT Micheal 'Zap' Pence, 1st Cavalry

-2LT Lauren Southern, 501st Infantry

-MAJ 'PewdiePie', 101st Airborne

-PFC Paul J. Watson, 498th Infantry

-CPT Kyle Chapman, Stickmen Batallion

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