The Kekistani Space Administration (abbreviated as KSA) is an agency founded by the Republic of Kekistan for the purpose of outer space travel and combat. The KSA played a key role in the Interdimensional Kek Wars.

History Edit

The Administration was originally founded by Pepe in preparation for an inter-dimensional invasion from the Molochian Empire in the Berenstein Universe. When Moloch's army of Inter-dimensional Demonic Pedophiles attempted to attack from space, the KSA's Kekstronauts were sent in push them back.

The Kekstronauts waged an intense space battle against the demonic aliens, succeeding in pushing them back from Earth's atmosphere. Following the end of the war, the Kekstronauts returned to Earth, though the KSA continued to remain active should any more Anti-Kek Demon Aliens appear.

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