Kekistani Nationalist Party is to be executed for the following reason(s):

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flag of the Kekistani nationalist party

Kekistani Nationalist Party (KNP) was a party founded By Danck Meemz

just before the last Kekistani kingdom fell, a group of lords and royal family members and later the king formed a secret group, to fight for Kekistan's freedom. They soon said that Kekistan was the greatest country and all the peoples should unite, when there wasn't a state, the leader of the group ordered Kekistanis to unite and help rebuild Kekistan.

Soon, after many uprisings they recaptured Kekstantinople, which they then made into a republic ran by a new organisation the K.N.P. After 210 years Kekstantinople fell, but they failed to destroy the party, they then overthrew them who ended Kekstantinople and believed that it should be freed, they later failed, after the genocides and thousands of years, the KNP still remains, it believes the people are important and so is the nation, they also believe in the cult of kek.

The KNP is expected to run in the next elections for the Kekistani Parliament.

Many party members protest in Kekstantinople, and plan parades, and today the [1]Kekistani Armed Forces fight against many armies alongside protesters.

This party believes that Kekistan is very important in Kekistani people's lives, the same with Kekistani people and the cult of Kek, the party believes Kekistan should be a large empire and that people should join the army to help these, immigrants and non Kekists should either leave the country or join their culture.

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