Crusade of Kek

Kek Knights leading Kekfugees to Egypt, those left behind did not survive.

The Kekistani Genocide or the Kekicide was a slaughter of the ethnic Kekistani people initiated by the Normies and SJWs after the fall of the Kingdom of Kekistan.

In around 2 BC after the last Kekistani kingdom fell to the forces of the Cuckistan, the Great Exodus occurred with hundreds of thousands of Kekistani people migrating west to Egypt. The Kekistanis who were unable to leave were subject to slavery and slaughter as the Normies tried to erase the Kekistani culture. By 20 AD there were less than a million ethnic Kekistani people left in traditional Kekistani territory.

The kek ever since then have commemorated the genocide and remembered the fallen. Normies list it as a "great accomplishment" and the SJW celebrate the day.

Untitled drawing

Kek rebels fighting SJW executioners

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