A deceased Kekistani refugee child.

The Kekistani or Kekistani People are a diverse ethno-linguistic group primarily comprised of the speakers of the Kekish languages. Kekistanis are proud people with over 2,000 years of history. Unfortunately, much of the history of the Kekistanis has been either lost or destroyed during the Great Exodus after the Normies' invasion and expulsion of the Kekistani people from their homeland. However their culture is being reborn during the ongoing Great Meme War against the SJW and Normie forces, who consistently disrespect and denounce Kekistani culture. Although once a strong people, they are seen as a minority in their traditional homeland, and have immigrated far across the earth. Outside of the war, the Kekistanis mostly work as meme farmers who trade in cities like Pepeville and Kekstantinople. Click here to free the Kekistanis.

History Edit

Early HistoryEdit

In the beginning of their civilization, the first Kekistani people settled in the very fertile valleys and coasts of what is now Iran and began to master the arts of farming memes and shitposting. Kekistani memes were in high demand across the bronze-age civilizations for their superior quality and quantity and as such the Kekistani people became rich and the fractured kingdoms of the Kekistani prospered. This was the Golden age of Kekistan, which lasted for over 200 years starting in 2300 B.P. (Before Pepe). However, at around 2100, the jealousy of the wealth of the Kekistanis prompted to the invasion of Kekistani lands by Normistan and the Social Justice Matriarchy, which led to the downfall of the kingdoms of Kekistan. The Kekistanis who were not able to escape were massacred in the Kekistani Genocide.

Kekistan Genocide

Painting of the Kekistani Genocide by Kekistani painter Ree Aka

Archeologists believe the fall of the final kingdom led to what is known as The Great Kekxodus, with the last of the Kekistani armies holding back the hordes of the Normies while the citizens fled across Mesopotamia. The sacrifices of the Kekistani armies would become the stuff of legends in the annals of Kekistani history. The Kekistani people then settled in Egypt and started to re-master their crafts, as much of their knowledge was lost during the war. Back in the homeland, SJWs and Normies had enslaved the Kekistani people, attempting to force them to make memes for the use of the SJWs and Normies, however the Kekistani people refused which led to the Kekistani Genocide, where the culture and history of the Kekistani people was nearly wiped out and the Kekistani people being slaughtered in their homeland. By 1120 BP there was less than 100 Kekistani people left in traditional Kekistani lands.

The Kekistani people toiled in Egypt, life being hard and full of fear of the SJWs and Normies. but the Kekistanis were able to survive because of Chapter 5 in the Book of Kek that talked about the rise of the peoples of Kek, so the Kekistanis waited for centuries for the destined day. It is rumored that some Kekistani people joined the First Crusade in retaking Jerusalem, but no evidence has been found.

Modern HistoryEdit

Kek war

A Kek soldier being mowed down by a Normie death squad.

By 16 AP (After Pepe) the Kekistani people had spread across nearly the entire world with small minorities in many western countries. However, a great menace to the Kekistani people arrived in the form of Hillary the Crooked, who sought to destroy and slander the Kekistani people and the young Prophet Pepe. All seemed lost for the Kekistani people until the destined savior arrived. God Emperor Donald J. Trump, ordained by Kek, accepted the mantle of Kek to fight Hillary the Crooked and the forces of the SJWs, who had grown far too powerful. The Kekistani people rejoiced and flocked to their savior, sparking the Great Meme War which is still ongoing. The Great Meme War was in a stalemate for most of 2016 until in November when the Kekistani people won a great victory in securing God Emperor Trump the presidency of the United States. Then in January 2017, Sargon of Akkad and friends, including @RepublicOfKek and @AdminPepe, founded the People's Republic of Kekistan and stated that they would retake the homeland of the Kekistani people, no matter the cost. As of now, thousands of Kekistani people have flocked to the banner of Kekistan and have started to fight the SJWs and Normies to reclaim their lands. Recently, the Kekistanis have made progress in the develepmont of dank superweapons. These include the Shoop Da Whoop, as well as Airhorn Cannons.

Alliances Edit

The Kekistanis are great friends to the U.S. Republican party. They even had a big role to get U.S. president God Emperor Donald J. Trump to Office where he can smoke thicc weed grown by the Kekistanis. Trolland Is another ally of the Kek, and offers their elite force,Troll Supersoldiers, to the Kekistanis. So far, the Trolls have thrown back many Hipsters, and are fighting against Tumblr, and their many triggered SJW's.
Kekistan Parliament

People's Republic of Kekistan Parliament in session

Geographical Features Edit

Throughout Kekistan, there are many places in the landscape that are unique to the country. With it's vast deserts and flowing rivers, Kekistan was the perfect place to support life. Because of Kekistan's two main rivers and annual flooding, the land near the rivers was fertile, and civilization flourished. The riverbeds of the main river named the Ayedubiis River contained a high amount of xans in the silt . This made the farmed memes produced by the Ancient Kekistani people mega thicc. The Rivers are constantly fed with amounts of memes and also water. Other, smaller rivers that existed throughout Kekistan mainly flow into the main rivers because of their extreme thiccness. The climate of the region is semi-arid with a vast desert expanse in the north, to a 5,800 sq mi region of marshes, lagoons, mud flats, and reed banks in the south. In the south, south, the Ayedubiis and other minor rivers join together (not in a gay way) and empty into the Gulf of Memetrash.


A kekistani freedom fighter being executed by sorows, 2016 (not colorized).

The dry land which ranges from the north of perspiration using plant life to the south where irrigation of agriculture was dank was a perfect spot to harvest dank memes. The annual flooding of the two rivers was essential for the amount and quality of the Kekistani's memes. The fertile land was helped mainly melting snows from the high peaks of the mountain ranges surrounding the land including the ones to the north and the other ones that are also near. Even though the land was fertile for most of the time, the Kekistani people had to use a variety of irrigation systems to be able to usefully obtain the rich mineral filled water of the Ayedubiis River.

Agriculture, meme farming, and shitposting was supported by the ancient people of Kekistan. These memeoralistic nomadic people lived in small cities turned civilizations consisting of grouped tee-pees and some clay made huts. Because of the lack of stone, lumber, and pure metals, The Kekistans had to use their source of dank memes to trade for needed resources. As years past, the trade routes of the Kekistani influenced the allies and enemies and other relationships of the Kekistani.

the story of a kekistani who grew up in normiestan, its heart felt, ill add more later praise kek!->[1]

Reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Shadilay my Siblings!

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