Kekistan Television Network (known as KTN and Voice of Kekistan) is a state-run television channel created by Edward Smith and with the cooperation of Republic of Kekistan as the only official TV channel in Kekistan. KTN are the only one of the official sources of television news and programming (besides The Young Keks and Kek News Network).

Since receiving television channels outside Republic of Kekistan are illegal due to the fact that they're classified and tampered by normies (Memri TV is sometimes an exception). All citizens of Kekistan who bought TVs (at least in digital) should be modified by the government of Kekistan. When modified, a tamper-proof device (which is a modified TV mainboard with only 3 channels that citizens are only allowed to view) will be put in place. If the tamper-proof device is removed and replaced with the original TV mainboard and one of the officials of Kekistan saw a person watching those channels outside Kekistan, one of the persons will be either imprisoned or kicked out. If caught watching CNN or filming for them, they are executed or deported.

Kekistan Television Network broadcasts in three languages, English on the main digital channel, Arabic on the first subchannel and Italian on the second subchannel.

Programmes Edit

  • Voice Of Kekistan (صوت كيكيستان/Voce di Kekistan) - news programme
  • From The Parliament (من البرلمان/Dal Parlamento) - live coverage from the Kekistan Parliament
  • Coverage of The Second Great Meme War
  • Good Morning Kekistan with Armoured Skeptic and Sargon of Akkad (صباح الخير كيكيستان مع المدرعة المتشككين وسرجون من العقاد/Buongiorno Kekistan con Skeptic corazzato e Sargon di Akkad) - breakfast series.
  • How Did The Kek Evolved? (كيف تطورت كيك؟/Come Ha Evoluto Il Kek?) - documentaries about Kekistan and Pepe.
  • The Adventures of Dat Boi and Pepe The Frog - animated series about the comedic life of Dat Boi and Pepe The Frog.
  • The Afternoon with Armoured Skeptic and Sargon of Akkad (بعد الظهر مع المدرعة المتشككين وسرجون من العقاد/Il Pomeriggio Con Scettico Blindato e Sargon Di Akkad)

Operation hours Edit

Originally, Kekistan Television Network broadcasts from 9:00AM to 9:30PM (12 hours and 30 minutes) daily. However, since the BBC (an enemy and normie of Kekistan) discovered another Great Meme War (which was originated from a French Discord chat), Kekistan Television Network began to broadcast 24 hours due to an emergency event regarding the Second Great Meme War. For the rest of the current broadcast, normal programming has been suspended until the Second Great Meme War is over, which now consisted of live coverage of the Second Great Meme War.

Programming schedule (prior to The Second Meme War) Edit

  • 9:00AM to 9:06AM - National anthem of Kekistan (P.E.P.E - Shadilay) and Prayer to Pepe.
  • 9:07AM to 11:05AM - Good Morning Kekistan with Armoured Skeptic and Sargon of Akkad/Voice Of Kekistan
  • 11:05AM to 11:27AM - The Adventures of Dat Boi and Pepe The Frog
  • 11:27AM to 12:27PM - How Did The Kek Evolved?
  • 12:28PM to 2:28PM - From The Parliament
  • 2:29PM to 6:30PM - The Afternoon with Armoured Skeptic and Sargon of Akkad
  • 6:30PM to 9:30PM - Voice Of Kekistan
  • 9:30PM to 9:00AM - Off-air (NTSC color bars) with 1KHz tone.

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