The Kekistani Parliament is the legislative branch of the Republic of Kekistan, where all Kekistani laws are proposed, debated and ratified. While holding authority over the laws of the land, any decision of theirs that is deemed as going against Kek or his holy book may be struck down by our high prophet, Pepe.

A representative parliament was brought into it's first session in February of 2017.

The Parliament is comprised of 26 seats. The current session of Parliament has 8 Republikeks, 8 Kekvenants, 6 Keketarians, 3 Kekservatives and one independent. The most influential legislators are Keketarian @DeploraSamurai with +1500 followers and Kekvenant @AlkekJones with +2000 followers.

The Parliament is a large branch, controlling most of the Government, besides the God-Emperor or the Almighty Prophet Pepe himself.
Kek Parliament

Current Seats of the Parliament of Kekistan. Session began 21st of February, 2017


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