Kekistan National Army is to be executed for the following reason(s):
To be consolidated into the Kekistan Armed Forces.

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The Kekistan National Army is the ground branch of the Kekistan Armed Forces and was a part of the original Kekistani military, the Kekistan Independence Army, before a solid military structure was created.

The creation of the Kekistan National Army was a very contested issue within the KIA high command. The main advocate for the KNA was Milo "Dangerous Faggot" Yiannopoulos who started a massive recruitment campaign, going to many universities campuses across enemy territories to steal the youth soldiers of the Crooked Hillary to serve God-Emperor Trump. Milo later became the got to leader of the Kekistani land forces.

While through out the Great Meme War the shitposters served diligently there seemed to be an unexpected ally to the cause, these were the real-life shitposters or RLSP. While almost unthinkable to those who only knew the old style of warfare, through the power of meme magic, these powerful soldiers of Kek attacked the horrible divisive campaign of Shia Labeouf in the most horrific way known to Kekistanis, face to face, which lead to one of the most honoured and memorable parts of the war, the HWNDU campaign. Once the campaign was complete and the flags of HWNDU captured, it was undisputed that the need for a ground force was a necessary asset in the forever changing landscape of the Great Meme War.

As time progressed, more and more flocked to the KNA as both due to the recruitment campaign and that during an allocation of recourses in the Armed Forces a greater amount of financing and manpower was provided. This led to many RLSP being seen more often in ground warfare. It almost became a certainty that when God-Emperor Trump was battling the evil of the SJW there would be a RLSP with a Kekistani flag so as to give Trump their high energy.

Nowadays, the role of the KNA is mainly to supress the attacks on the Kekistani People from anti-kek terrorist groups such as antifa and BLM.

Structure Edit

The KNA consist of both attacking and support roles to aid the war effort. The main attacking role is done by the RLSP who are sent into the ground, always thought by the Normies to be a safe space against Kek, and disrupt any Normie build up. They do this by mainly baiting them into attack and letting Normies shout until they start to tire at which put the RLSP REEEEE or in extreme occasions do something that will cause Normies to become enraged to the point that they can no longer organise an attack, they say something of an opposing opinion.

The supporting role is done by the so called "followers" divisions. These people have much weaker bonds to Kek than most others and are sometimes considered by Kekistanis to be Normies. They do however claim to accept Kek, many have Pepe as a profile picture, but their allegiances seem to be more to the KNA leaders such as Milo. These followers do however assist greatly as they spend much of their time mining salt on twitter as it seems to be their homelands, they know twitters in's and out's better than most Kekistanis.

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