The Kekistan Discord Rebel Alliance was a faction that participated in the Kekistan Wiki Civil War.

It is a splinter faction of the Kekistan Wiki staff, being formed after Second-In-Command Elemental kicked a Kekistani pretending to be a Normie Spy off the Kekistan Wiki Discord Server. Believing this to be unlawful, Chief Kekihadi Imagineer gathered a group of like-minded followers, including Kek Priests MemeticWarfare, Digitalcoffee and PrussiaAddict, to rebel agains the regent Elemental.

Eventually, High Kek Priest Red Geist returned and resolved the conflict, reintegrating the rebels into the Kekistan Wiki Staff. The "alliance" has been disbanded as the two sides have reconsiled, and now continue as one group spreading meme magic across the world.



The flag of the Kekistan Discord Rebel Alliance (later used by the disputed Southern Kekistan Oblast) flowing minutes before surrender, 2017 (colorized)

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