The Kekistan Armed Forces are the federally funded forces of the People's Republic of Kekistan. It is divided into three branches: the Kekistani National Army, the Kekistani Reclamatory Fleet and the Kek Air Force.

The Armed Forces have been in many engagements during the ongoing Great Meme War against the forces of the SJWs and Normies. One of the greatest of these engagements was the Presidential Election on November 8th, 2016 where the Armed Forces of Kekistan (with the aid of the Shitposting Shadow Corps) were able to secure the Presidency of God Emperor Trump through shitposting memes and trolling the mainstream media who had throughout God Emperor Trump's campaign slandered him and the Kekistani people.

In the aftermath of the victory of the God Emperor, and his ascension to throne of POTUS, an insurgency was launched by the Anti-Kek forces. One of the leaders of this insurgency was Shia Labeouf, who in Operation HWNDU (He Will Not Divide Us), started recruiting militants to join him under his banner. However, these recruitment camps were shut down by the Armed Forces of Kekistan. This forced Labeouf and his SJW followers into hiding in Tennessee. Here he continued in his attempt to overthrow the honourable God Emperor, by once more raising the false flag of HWNDU. Despite this, the Kekistani intelligence services managed to find the militant encampment and take down the false flag of Labeouf. In its stead, a Pepe t-shirt and a Make America Great Again cap was raised.

The Armed Forces also have their very own discord server.

Structure Edit

The vast majority of the KIA is made up of militia that are called forth whenever the situation requires it; they get an objective and execute it as they see fit. The small regular army is trained, disciplined and deals with precision shitposting which requires tact. REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEREEEREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

As the supreme tactician for the KIA, GeneraalofGG creates overall strategy and executes it. The Generaal is a veteran from smaller conflicts in the Meme War, including GamerGate and MAGA3X. He believes in the use of superior strategy, philosophy and discipline in order to defeat the enemy, often citing war texts and history books to show his troops how to do it.REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

General ImmortalKraut handles the Meme Division, which is tasked with Meme logistics. Under his command, he has shown to be a capable commander to make sure a steady stream of salt can be mined regularly on Twitter, and brought back to Kekistan itself.

General Ragecreator commands the 14th Memer's Corps, a specialized shit/spam posting division that specializes in going deep into hostile sites and taking the fight to the Cucks. Under the 14th is the legendary 666th Vinemasters Battalion, aka The Battered Bastards of Tumblr.

Grand Admiral Tyrone is in control of the whole Kekistani Reclaimatory Fleet. Tyrone was recently elected president of the Republic of Kekistan, but he will remain the grand admiral of the Kekistani Navy.

Tactics Edit

Known primarily for its use of the broken wing display to lure cry out into the open and then ambush them, this has resulted in a proud tradition of Kekastani warriors using what is called among the soldiers as "phishing expeditions". During the Phishing maneuver, a group of warriors will take positions on the battlefield, seemingly untenable and exposed. This tactic is presently effective, as most opposing armies will take the perceived opportunity to attack full force. The  warriors on this expedition -- also called trolls -- then retreat into an ambush with a surprising number of generals that pursue, where then a second and third squad attack from the sides and rear in order to gain an advantage.

Kekistani Special Forces Edit

Not much is known about the Kekistani Special Forces except for their vast knowledge of memes, tactics and perfect skills in meme-warfare. A common Kekistani Special Forces tactic is posing as cucks on Reddit, Tumblr, 4chan, Facebook and other areas of the Internet cucks can be found, then gaining information. Blasting Shadilay, by P.E.P.E, the country's beloved national anthem, is also a very efficient tactic, and is used often.

The only way to get into the Kekistani Special Forces is to go through the harsh selection process, torturing recruits with Riley J. Dennis, Milo Stewart, TYT, CNN and other areas of annoying cuckistani propaganda.

KAF Pledge of Allegiance Edit

"I pledge my allegiance to the Kekiphate, to one day establish free Kekistan from Cuckistani and Normie oppression.

I pledge my allegiance to Kek, and to follow the teachings of Prophet Pepe.

I commit to waging a meme jihad, of the likes the Normie oppressors have never seen.

I will follow my Prime Minister, Sargon of Akkad, and our glorious God-Emperor Trump.

Together we shall FREE KEKISTAN"

Gallery Edit

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