Kekish is the language spoken by the Kekistani people

Kekish Translation (With X Y Z)

Kekish evolved and split from Proto-Iranian languages in around 3000 BC, however the alphabet wasn't formed until the Book of Kek was written. The language itself did not evolve much after the Great Exodus as the Kekistani people wanted to save their culture as much as possible as their homeland had been taken from them. In 2017 there are less than 100,000 native speakers of Kekish; however, a recent surge in Kekish study has occurred after the outbreak of the Great Meme War. Still 48% of Kekistani citizens speak this followed by 57% non-grammared English the old language of posters and 1% Normish and cuck used by the relative of Normie P.O.Ws.

Kekish was used as a main language of the Kekistanis up until the late 18th century, when Modern English, a minority language, began to grow. Currently, English is the main language of the Kekistanis, alongside Kekish. Bi-Lingual road signs exist all across the country, and most media is bi-lingual.

More on the Kekish Language can be found on the official site for the language:

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