Origin Edit

The Kekel, also known as the Pepecoin, is the official currency of The Republic of Kekistan and has an ever-rising economy, especially with God-Emperor Trump assigned office. The Kekel at the moment is worth 4.20 USD. The Symbol for a Kekel is .

Current Exchange Rates Edit

Screenshot 2017-09-23 at 7

As of September 24th 2017, 1 ₭ =

$4.20 (US Dollar)

€3.51 (Euros)

₪14.65 (Jewcoins)

₽241.64 (Ruskicoins)

F$8.46 (Fijian Dollar)

SH£3.11 (St. Helena Pound)

471.45 Algerian Dinar

₪0.00112 (Cuckistani Cuckel)

Ð69.00 (Dogecoin and wowcoin)

666 shekles

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