A prayer statue of Kek

Kek is the founder of the Cult of Kek and one true god. Pepe and his followers seek to spread Kek's message of shitposting across the globe.

Before existence, there was Kek. In the vast expansive nothingness of limitless Chaos, Kek slumbered in a state of simultaneous being and non-being. When Ra sprang out of the Chaos and created the universe, Kek awoke in a wrathful state. He knew that the physical creation of Ra was an abomination and something that should not have been.

Kek saw Ra's creation and realized that he must somehow return creation back to Primordial Chaos. From that point on, Kek vowed to instill mischief and trickery into the minds of Ra’s creation. Through them, the chosen ones, Chaos would spread throughout creation, breaking the laws of Ma’at and heralding the return of Isfet.

To further disrupt the order of Ra’s creation, Kek decided to create a form of his own. The new Chaos-Creation was called the "Meme". Through the promulgation of the Meme, Kek’s chaotic powers would grow. It would allow His followers and chosen few to experience His formless, senseless, non-existence in a physical way. Because of the Meme, His first followers presented His physical image as taking the shape of a green frog. This physical representation of Him would continue throughout time in various civilisations, cultures, and periods.

1:1 In the beginning there was a pool of dankness. -Book of Kek

Kek was spawned from a pool of dankness at the creation of the universe. Kek, being all-knowing, decided to create Man and Frog. For man he gave the task of gathering the knowledge of the universe to create memes and shitpost. For frog he gave the task of the guides of man, to lead them to the promise land of eternal Kek and divine shitposts. And then Kek created a world for Men and Frog to coexist.

Kek does not meddle in the affairs of his children however. Only when the time seems dire does Kek bestow his might and knowledge on his children on the mortal plane. With this Kek can be compared to a watchmaker, he made the watch and let it tick, however the watch may tick off beat and Kek will be the one to fix this, for he will always strive to create a bountiful world for his children.

One of these times where Kek intervened to bring order to the world is during the First Revolt documented in Chapter Two of the Book of Kek. The normies of Egypt had to be taught the wrath of Kek as they had denied him his rightful status of One True God, instead they worshiped their heathen religion and turned their back to the glorious light of Kek. Kek righted this and brought the people of Egypt back into the light and restored order to his children. To make sure that something like this would never occur again, Kek created Pepe, a great prophet, and sent him down to the world to teach the children of Kek the way.

Thousands of years later the teachings of Pepe and the light of Kek was all but forgotten, the people of Kekistan had been spread far and wide, fleeing from the horrors of their homeland. The great enemies of the people of Kek, the SJWs, had grown powerful and headstrong. They strived for more power and control over the world.

4:4 SJWs want power over everything, only Fascism will satisfy them -Book of Kek

However, the reign of the SJWs would not last, for the people of Kek turned once again to the guidance of Pepe and returned to the light of Kek. The dubs and trips of the deep threads of /pol/ told of his return. The SJWs would feel the wrath of Kek for the genocide of the Kekistani people and the destruction of the order of the world. So Kek ordained a man to take up the mantle of God Emperor. This man was Donald John Trump.

Kek showed Trump the Ordained the path to purity and victory, and led him along with the Song of Kek . However, Donald Trump could not win alone. So Kek called upon his faithful to use Meme Magic to shitpost him into office. Kek's faithful brought light to the world and shattered the false pretenses of security that the Normies so dearly clung to. Fake news articles and lies were shattered by Kek, bringer of light, and the Mainstream Media saw the writing on the wall. They did everything they could to stop the rise. John "Current Year" Oliver spouted episode after episode denouncing Kek's chosen. Stephen Colbert made a penis. It was all out war.

11:5 We fear nothing, we are shitlords, skeptics, memers and ultimately people of Kek -Book of Kek

The election drew near, and the shitposting became more and more dense. The war was becoming a spiraling conflict of increasing intensity. Fighting in the streets occurred, Communists against Fascists and Republicans, It was 1930s Germany reborn. Then, the Great Presidential Debates. Three Debates, three chances to win over the American people. Hillary the Crooked did her best to tear Kek's Ordained down to the pits of Hell but our savior Donald Trump clawed his way to victory and delivered the final killing blow to the establishment.

1:6 November 8th, Trump Defeated Crooked Hillary. The SJWs Were Literally Shaking, Keks people are winning! -Book of Kek

November 8th will be remembered in Kekistani history. Forever scorched into the memory of ever faithful Kek follower. It will be seen as the start of a new era of Shitposting. Ever since the days of the Kekistani diaspora the people of Kek were lost, they fought amongst each other and did not have a leader. But, like Pepe, Donald Trump brought light to were even Kek could not. It is because of Kek that this was possible, and with the Honorable God Emperor Donald John Trump on a roll, it's up to us to check 'em.

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