The Kekistani's Dabist Party is a political party in Kekistan that is actually a front for Normies to infiltrate the Kekistani government. The KDP adheres to the tenants of Dabism as preached by Jake Paul.

After the Rise of Team 10 and the Battle of Everyday, thousands of Kekistanis died due to The Pure Cringe, the opposite of Pure Autism. This incident led to the Republic of Kekistan declaring War on Team 10. They launched a huge attack wiping out a major Normistan City. In retaliation, Jake Paul ordered Lt. Nick Crompton to infiltrate The Kekistani Government.

Lt. Crompton created his party with the help of other Normie's living in secret in Kekistan and has been working to infiltrate the Kekistani government.

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