Jordan Bernt Peterson is the great Canadian red-pilling psychologist who is providing excellent service in the Great Meme War. He differs from the regular Kekistani due to his reluctance to shitpost; however, this is one of his greatest strengths. Dr. Peterson is a defender of free speech, most sacred to our people, and has the infinite amount of cognitive resources needed to study all ideologies hostile to the nation necessary to intellectually articulate bulletproof arguments that either convert or entirely disarm enemies of The Republic. He has fought off the SJWs constantly, and has recently accepted Pepe as his lord and savior. He is widely considered a psychological saint for helping the Kekistani military clean up their rooms as they prepare to wage war against the enemy. He will be among many who receive the Kekistani Medal of Honor. In November 2016, prime minister Sargon of Akkad appointed Dr. Peterson as minister of education of the People's Republic of Kekistan.

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