The Interdimensional Kek War was a major conflict taking place across several dimensions. It occurred when the Kingdom of Moloch (a global nation from the Berenstein Universe) attempted to invade the Berenstain Universe with the goal of eradicating Kek from all of time and space.

History Edit

During the 2016 Presidential Election, the amount of meme magic generated caused the universe to split in two, one where Kek's chosen candidate, God-Emperor Trump, became President of US and another where Anti-Kek Normie, Hillary Clinton received the position.

Following Clinton's election the Berenstein Universe, Moloch came down to the Earth and established the Kingdom of Moloch, folding Cuckistan and Normistan. Moloch's New World Order soon overtook the entire planet, devastating it and turning it into a place devoid of Kek.

Despite there being virtually no Kek in his universe, Moloch remained unsatisfied, sensing that Kekistanis still existed in the multiverse. Thus, the dark god opened up a portal to the Berenstain Universe and sent his Anti-Kek and Cuckistani minions to invade the world and turn it into a Molochian colony.

However, Alex Jones had warned the Prophet Pepe that "interdimensional demonic pedophiles" were plotting to invade and thus the Kekistani prophet was able to prepare his troops in time for the invasion. Because Moloch's presence strengthened the anti-meme power of the Cuckistanis, Pepe had his followers increase their meme production and armed the Kekistan Armed Forces with more meme magic to use against them.

Despite their numbers being much larger than what had been predicted, the Kekistani National Army were able to push back against the Molochian soldiers. Seeing that Kekistan had the advantage, Molochian War Minister Stolos had the Molochian Army invade from a portal in outer space, as the Kekistanis did not have a front beyond Earth. Luckily, Kekistani Grand Admiral and T-Shirt merchant Big Man Tyrone was able to use the money gained from his T-Shirt sales to purchase several rocket ships, allowing Kekistani astronauts to travel to space and oppose the Molochian Empire at the Final Frontier.

Due to countless changes in the time-space continuum, it is unknown how long the war continued for after that. Eventually though, Kek himself appeared and banished the Molochian forces back to their own world, sealing all portals to their universe to prevent them from escaping. However, Moloch and Stolos were able avoid Kek's wrath and stay in the Berenstain Universe, allowing them to continue backing the Anti-Kek forces that existed there.

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