The Imperial Cult of Kekistan (also known as the Trump Train) identifies Emperor Trump and some of his family members with the divinely sanctioned authority of the Kekistan State. The Imperial Cult should not be confused with the Cult of Kek, who instead worship Kek, god of primordial chaos.

The cult was founded in June 2015 by Trump worshipers on 4chan. However, Trump's status of godhood did not become popularized until November 2016 after Trump's glorious victory over the lizard people’s leader in the 2016 presidential election. The Cult of Kek denies Trump's godhood, and instead views him as a prophet imbued by the powers of Kek.

In April 2017 In response to a gas attack in Syria, Trump launched 59 tomahawk missiles, inadvertently assisting ISIS in its conquest of Syria and attacking Assad's regime. While the Cult of Kek denounced these missile strikes, devout imperial cultists defended Trump's offensive.

Some people worship both the Cult of Kek and the Imperial Cult, accumulating the knowledge and wisdom of both philosophies. The April Schism split the Imperial cult and the Cult of Kek into two separate beliefs, both still powerful. Although may wish to unite them as one, this seems impossible given the current state of their relationship.

Gallery Edit

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