The Illuminati is a worldwide conspiratorial organization comprised of various elites and globalists seeking to establish a New World Order. They were one of the major memes in the MLG era of memes, particularly in 2015 and early 2016.

It is believed, that the Illuminati were controlling the National Security Agency (NSA) of USA, because the page (Illuminati spelled backwards) leads to NSA home page.

After their satanic globalist agenda was foiled by Alex Jones and InfoWars, the remnants of the Illuminati were annexed by the Republic of Kekistan.

History Edit

After spreading their influence throughout all the mass media via triangles and the number 3, the Illuminati entered into the meme world during the MLG era. Several attempts were made by anti-Illuminati forces to stop this, but those plans failed as the anti-Illuminati were actually part of the Illuminati too.

However, Alex Jones and his followers managed to break the conditioning and decisively defeat the Illuminati in the Info War with the power of Anthroplex.

The remains of the Illuminati were absorbed by the Kekistanis and integrated into the Republic of Kekistan.

Gallery Edit

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