He Will Not Divide Us was a social justice art project launched by the cuckistani Shia Labeouf upon the inauguration of God-Emperor Trump by the Republic of Kekistan, so he decided to throw a temper tantrum by screaming at a camera.

History Edit

Initially, the art project was held at the Museum of Moving Pictures in New York. Labeouf, along with many other New Yorkers stood in front of a camera and shouted the phrase, "He will not divide us!" until they ran out of stamina, much like Hillary Clinton, and ran home. When they were gone, covert Kekistani agents moved in and sabotaged the project to promote the God-Emperor. Cucked Labeouf was irritated by these antics and actually attacked one of his own in his anger.

After the violence, the Museum of Moving Pictures chose to abandon the project. But that did not stop ol' Labeouf. He moved the project to Albuquerque, New Mexico at the El Ray Theater. Much like the first attempt, the project was once again sabotaged by our highly trained Kekistani agents, the leader being Based Lando.

The project was moved once again after reports of gunshots were made in the Albuquerque location, but this time, Labeouf did not give a location. This launched perhaps the greatest needle-in-a-haystack search and destroy mission in recorded history. Millions of Kekistanis rallied together to uncover the new location. The location was discovered to be a field in Greenville, Tennessee. Unlike the last two attempts, this location only featured a flag with the HWNDU phrase on it. The flag was taken down and replaced with a Pepe shirt as well as a MAGA hat. Days later, those two items were taken down as well.

Labeouf was not giving up. With three attempts down, he made his fourth attempt in the Foundation of Art and Creative Technology in Liverpool, England. Once again, the Kekistani people formed together and sent in our top agent, Aiden Pearce, the Pepe Watch_Dog. Pearce climbed to the top of the museum, but was unable to take down the HWNDU flag due to a lack of scissors. While the flag still waved, the infiltration attempt did not go unnoticed, and the Foundation of Art and Creative Technology saw fit to take down the exhibit to avoid any more Kekistani intrusions.

The fifth and final attempt for this project was made in Lapland, Finland. There was a cabin in the woods, where those who enter would be able to participate in a live-stream video link event with Cucked Shia. Much like the previous four attempts, the great warriors of Kekistan made their way to the cabin and laid waste to Shia.

After this, Shia finally waved the white flag on this project and expressed his frustrations in a bowling alley when an employee refused to serve him french fries.

Shia LaBeouf now admits he’s struggling with ‘an addiction to CNN and MSNBC’. The over eager beaver LaBeouf has had great success proving SJW ideology is 24/7 obsessed with racial categorizations in the privilege hierarchy.


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