Lieutenant Colonel Harambe was one of the first Kekistani casualties in the The Great Meme War.


Harambe was assigned a mission by Pepe to find secret information that would lead to the Democratic Party's Presidential Candidate, Hillary Clinton's arrest. He was assigned the mission on May 21, 2016, a week before his death. After gathering all the materials he needed to get the job done, Harambe left on May 23.

He infiltrated the enemy stronghold with the iFunny squadron, a team of specially trained monkeys and apes, and received the information on May 26. Three-fourths of his team were shot down during the assault, leaving Harambe and one monkey as the only survivors of the team.

Harambe and what was left of his team escaped and created a hideout in Cincinnati Zoo, disguising themselves as one of their apes. They were stuck there for the time being. They waited for two days until they were found. Harambe's companion was shot during the night when there were no witnesses. Harambe was then killed that morning when he accidentally revealed himself trying to save a child.

Harambe died on Saturday, May 28, 2016.

After his death, Harambe became a symbol for the new iFunny squadron, fully cementing himself in the Annals of Kekistan. He was awarded the Iron Cross of Pepe for his actions. He has a statue under construction in Betta Vegas, Biotches City, the Republic of Kekistan.

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